About Me


About Me

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm the artist and owner behind Amy Ellen Art - thanks for visiting!

I am an artist based in Greater London. My passion has always been drawing, painting and exploring all different types of art.

I love colour!! So as soon as I started creating abstract art I knew it was for me. Creating mellow tones or vibrant contrasts through different organic shapes + mark making - textures + movements. My favourite medias are through acrylic paints, alcohol inks, inks, watercolours + more...

My background is in fine art, specialising in portraits, and I still paint portraits (human + animal :) ), as well as house illustrations as commissions.

If you would like to see more work please visit my instagram account @amyellenart or for any enquiries or personal commissions please contact either via instagram or email at amy.amyellenart@outlook.com.